What Are the Five Dimensions of Curiosity?

What Are the Five Dimensions of Curiosity?


Todd B. Kashdan et al. have created a comprehensive model to understand & measure curiosity… Upon collecting data from a nationally representative sample of 508 adults, and then 403 adults online, and then another nationally representative sample of 3,000 adults, we uncovered 5 dimensions of curiosity:

1. Joyous Exploration – this is the prototype of curiosity – the recognition and desire to seek out new knowledge and information, and the subsequent joy of learning and growing.

2. Deprivation Sensitivity – this dimension has a distinct emotional tone, with anxiety and tension being more prominent than joy – pondering abstract or complex ideas, trying to solve problems, and seeking to reduce gaps in knowledge.

3. Stress Tolerance – this dimension is about the willingness to embrace the doubt, confusion, anxiety, and other forms of distress that arise from exploring new, unexpected, complex, mysterious, or obscure events.

4. Social Curiosity – wanting to know what other people are thinking and doing by observing, talking, or listening in to conversations.

5. Thrill Seeking – the willingness to take physical, social, and financial risks to acquire varied, complex, and intense experiences.

By. Todd B. Kashdan

To read more please visit: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/curious/201801/what-are-the-five-dimensions-curiosity

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