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Five Ways To Cultivate Curiosity And Tap Into Your Creativity

Curiosity is the core of all creativity — the drive to do something better, to experiment, to tinker, to create. Whether you’re a chief marketing officer or the most junior person on a team, you need curiosity to thrive or you’ll go on autopilot. Unfortunately, too many workplaces stifle curiosity because it’s perceived as problem-causing. But as Ben Horowitz says, if you want success, “Build a culture that rewards — not punishes — people for getting problems into the open where they can be solved.”

In short, cultivate curiosity.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education Names Ariel Anbar ‘Teaching Innovator’

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s inaugural “Teaching Innovator” list includes Arizona State University Professor Ariel Anbar of School of Earth and Space Exploration and School of Molecular Sciences. His focus on introducing curiosity as a teaching tool has become a corner stone of his teaching style.

“Through curiosity, students are inspired… They become explorers who think rationally and systemically, pushing beyond preconceived notions…” Mastering science is not the same as mastering facts. It requires that you develop problem-solving skills based on logic and reason, inspired by curiosity,” Anbar said.

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