Reimagine Education Cultivating Curiosity Award


The Reimagine Education-Center for Curiosity Cultivating Curiosity Award 2017 is given to the most innovative pedagogical approaches to encourage curiosity among learners; research projects on curiosity or tools or apps designed to encourage and/or assess curiosity.

Curiosity is at the heart of learning; it is the impulse by which learners are encouraged to seek out both new questions and new answers. It is the catalyst by which learners acquire and use the soft skills necessary to become thinkers, problem-solvers, and creators. It is the driver for motivation, creativity, tolerance, and resilience.

The Center for Curiosity (CfC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to a deeper understanding of curiosity, promoting its practice, and its academic and public advancement, has partnered with Reimagine Education to offer US$7,000 Prize to an outstanding project that advances the understanding or application of curiosity in higher education.

Projects are invited from educational institutions, individual scholars and practitioners, as well as Ed Tech companies in any area of curiosity, such as:

  • Research that advances the basic understanding of curiosity — its genesis, manifestations, measurements and applicability;
  • Pedagogical approaches for encouraging or measuring curiosity;
  • Innovative methods by which curiosity is harnessed to improve one or more learning outcomes;
  • Fostering curiosity in the curriculum or institutional framework;
  • Online tools or apps to measure or encourage curiosity.


To apply and for more information:

Reimagine Education Curiosity Award